Originally : created in 1975, imeca's first mission was to market packaging. The name “imeca” is a contraction of the French words “impression” (printing), “emballages” (packaging) and “conditionnement associés” (associated conditioning). The manufacturing of packaging involves various fields of expertise : choosing materials, optimising printing and finishing while guaranteeing the level of quality.

Since 1997 : imeca has converted to the sales promotion market using these same skills.

Today : leader in France for the design and manufacturing of 2D printed premiums, we can propose a huge range of fun and original products for all your promotional campaigns.

Our strengths
> a wide range of original gifts and media adapted to your needs.

> creation and development of new products to give you an edge over the competition and to attract attention through your strength and originality.
> over 30 years of experience

> specialised and complementary industrial partners

> in-depth knowledge of all the steps in the printing process to advice you step by step.
> capacity to identify the essential
elements of your request

> anticipate any technical risks linked
to your industrial context

> tailor made solutions
to suit your budget
Our capacity to associate creativity, know-how and adaptability enables us to guarantee the best results for you !

Our team ... A well structured and organised team on a human scale :



Sales team



Sales Administration