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Magical and fun...
These original inks, ideal for lotteries and game concepts, show up in contact with water, heat, cold, alcohol or under UV light. As well as “game cards” these inks can be applied to all types of premiums: tattoos, T-shirt transfers, decorative or sticky transfers…
Water sensitive : Place a drop of water on your card to discover your prize or a message.
 Exemple : on a tattoo: this ink can make an image appear completely in contact with water!
Heat sensitive : Rub the heat sensitive zone with your finger, or place it near a heat source to discover what is hidden under the ink.
Exemple on a sticker: stick it on your mug and discover the hidden message or image by pouring hot liquid into your mug.
Cold sensitive : place your card in the refrigerator or on a cold or frozen product to decode the message.
Exemple on a sticker: use this ink as a fridge thermometer
U.V. sensitive : The ink either changes colour depending on the strength of the sun, or can be revealed under a “white neon” UV lamp.
Often used as a sun prevention and protection card.